Professional Personal & Spousal Surveillance
in Pennsylvania

You Deserve Answers, McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention Gets Them

You trusted your spouse. You built a life together on the foundation of that trust. Then the unthinkable happens. Little things point in a heartbreaking direction, and you suspect they are being unfaithful. What is your husband doing during the day? Where is your wife going at night? Are they hiding assets from you?
You deserve to know the truth. You need a reliable, professional private investigation firm carrying out domestic/personal investigations that will get you answers.
Take charge of your situation, and turn to McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention in Altoona, PA. We provide discreet but effective, professional spousal surveillance services, and our team will get the truth for you.

Our Team Will Uncover the Facts

A suspicion is one thing. A fact is something much more.
McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention will provide the finest spousal surveillance work to uncover the facts — important facts that will give you peace of mind, one way or another.
Those facts are not only important from a personal standpoint; they also greatly matter from a legal standpoint. Hard evidence will make the difference in divorce proceedings.
We will give you evidence. We will give you facts. We will give you truth.
You can trust McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention for your domestic/personal investigations and spousal surveillance needs.

We Provide Superior Surveillance Services

Do you need someone surveilled? McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention can do it, effectively, professionally, and discreetly. We are personal and spousal surveillance experts. We will deliver results for you, so you can know for sure. McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention can help you in a harrowing, confusing, and unstable time.
We do what it takes for you and your family.