Workers’ Compensation & Liability Investigations
in Altoona, PA

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention Fights Against Insurance Fraud

It is a sad and unfortunate reality in our world. People try to get something — some sort of compensation — to which they are not entitled. They make false claims on their insurance. They make false workers’ compensation claims, or they try to falsely extend those claims after they have healed. This hurts everyone else, as it drives up insurance premiums and creates shadows of doubt over legitimate claims.
But to prove fraud, doubt is not enough. You need evidence, and you need a professional, effective, fearless investigator to gather that evidence.
McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention in Altoona, PA, provides the finest insurance claim and workers’ compensation and liability investigations. Our team uses the most modern approaches to these investigations, and we offer a guarantee that the case will be reworked if you are not satisfied with the results.

We Find the Facts About False Insurance Claims

Our team has the experience and the expertise to uncover false insurance claims. You need hard evidence to prove fraud, and we will use every resource at our disposal to gather that information to make your case.
Whether it is hard insurance fraud, such as purposely crashing a vehicle or burning a structure to claim insurance money, or soft insurance fraud, such as inflating the value of a legitimate claim, McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention will find the facts to expose the fraud.
We are experts at surveillance, social media investigation, and more, and our experience is at your service.

We do what it takes for you.

The Finest in Workers’ Compensation and Liability Investigations

Unfortunately, people also try to benefit from false workers’ compensation claims, defrauding their employer. Sometimes, others who had a legitimate claim try to extend their compensation by falsely claiming they are still injured after they have fully recovered.

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention specializes in workers’ compensation and liability investigations. We will get the difficult answers for you. Our team puts in the time, does the work and gathers the evidence to provide solid proof of fraud.

We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania. McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention does what it takes for you.