Superior Private Investigation Services
in Altoona, PA

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention Gets the Facts!

You need facts. You need information. You need the truth.

When you need a private investigator, you want someone who can uncover the truth of your situation. You want someone with experience, someone with know-how, someone who will deliver the finest in general field investigations.

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention in Altoona, PA, provides outstanding general field investigations throughout Pennsylvania. Whether it is domestic/personal investigations, a criminal investigation, witness or missing persons location, or loss prevention services, our team handles it all, with decades of experience and expertise!

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention Is On the Case!

If you need a private investigator, you want competent, not shoddy, work. You want results.
When you trust in McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention, you will get results.
Whatever your need, our team specializes in general field investigations. We handle witness or missing persons location. We handle domestic/personal investigations. We provide superior loss protection services and background checks. We handle criminal investigation. We even provide security/personal protection. Our services run the spectrum of private investigations, and we are experts at each service.

Our Resources, Our Techniques, Our Expertise At Your Disposal

We at McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention work extremely hard for you. Your particular case or problem is important to you, which means it is important to us!

When you hire McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention, we will use every resource we have, every technique we know and every bit of expertise we own to solve your issue and get the truth you need. Whether it is surveillance, background checks, or witness or missing persons location, our team is on the case.

We do what it takes for you.