Quality Investigations for Attorneys
Throughout Pennsylvania

McHenry Handles It All, Including Child Custody Cases

Evidence is vitally important in any kind of legal matter, whether it be a criminal investigation, a civil matter, or even a child custody case. You need a professional who will work hard and provide reliable, effective investigations to gather evidence for you and your client.
McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention in Altoona, PA, offers fearless, professional investigations for attorneys through the entirety of Pennsylvania. We specialize in child custody investigations, and our team also handles criminal investigation.

Quality Investigations for Attorneys and Their Clients

McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention offers our expertise to attorneys and law offices throughout the commonwealth. We expertly and professionally handle surveillance and gathering evidence and background information. We also excel in witness or missing persons location, background checks and general field investigations.
Whatever the nature of your case, we will provide the investigative assistance you need! We do what it takes for you and your client.

We Effectively Gather Evidence for Your Child Custody Case

Our team specializes in child custody investigations. We understand how harrowing this particular kind of case can be, so we will provide professional, discreet, but effective work for you.
Emotions run high in child custody cases, and the affected parties sometimes make accusations, which may or may not be factual. You will need evidence to strengthen your case. We will conduct our investigation to ensure that your children are safe and to provide evidence and establish the facts about your child’s well-being in court.
You can place your confidence in McHenry Investigation & Loss Prevention and our domestic/personal investigations and child custody investigations.
We do what it takes for you.